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omg why should i tell you
08 May 2020 @ 11:39 pm
This journal is Friends-only, add me if you want, there's nothing much here though.
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omg why should i tell you
28 July 2009 @ 07:02 pm
I come here when I have nothing better to do. So by judging the amount of posts I have over the past few days, you can tell that I a) procrastinate b) have no life and c) just really bored.

I don't get why people hate on Miley Cyrus. She's 16, and living in Hollywood. How would you like it if your entire personal life was out on the tabloids and the Internet. I'm neutral towards her, partly due to the fact that her debut album was good. No matter how "whorish" she is, with all the pictures, don't tell me you haven't seen younger girls with worse pictures? Just because she's Disney, that doesn't represent the fact that she is talentless. 7 Things was good , great lyrics, in fact. So what if it was about Nick Jonas? And despite her rebelliousness a few years ago, it doesn't say that she is turning into the next Paris Hilton. Don't tell me that you haven't been through such a stage, be it sooner or rather later. Because, I been through that very painful stage.

She doesn't deserve the criticism about Nick Jonas and whoever. People break up with each other. I know people who are my age who has far more boyfriends than her. Also, I really think that she has been handling the pressure and stress very well. I don't see her cutting herself up.

Lastly, she deserves to have someone stand up for her.

Gosh, I feel better after doing this post.
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omg why should i tell you
As you all freaking know, I'm still on that God forsaken show, BOF. Actually, I first watched it to satisfy my fascination and amusement and then, my sister made a bet with me that I couldn't finish it. I hate loosing, and them being right, and guess what, I have to spend time watching 24 episodes from start to finish, mediocre acting, cheesy and cliched lines all included. Do you know how mind numbingly boring it is? I cannot count how many times I have resisted the urge to throw the laptop against the wall.

Trust me, you do not want to read it.Collapse )

I actually downloaded the episode so I could get screen shots. I must be the most dedicated to my work. Guy is pooch bag and girl is coconut head.

Please meet ABWDA, short for Ah Beng with a drug addiction.

Now you know why I call them that.

I'm going to KL this weekend. I'll be too lazy to post. If I can get my hands on an internet connection, I'll be Tweeting instead.

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